Frequently Asked Questions

Why Maverick Men Models Agency?

MMM Agency has one of the largest networks in the industry. Many studios come to us first for the freshest talent. We take care of all bookings and can promise all models comfortable, convenient, secure, reliable, and professional care. We can also promise you the most money for your services because of how big and established we are. Let us do the negotiations!

Here at MMM, we also promise safe and professional business assignments. We conduct all business in a legal and aboveboard manner. We appreciate you as an individual and want to make this process smooth and fun for everyone. You will never be expected to do anything you are not comfortable with or previously agreed to!

What kind of work will you be offered?

MMM Agency represents male models for adult entertainment work in video, print and online advertising. We also have an extensive list of parties and events that we hire models for, including pool parties and promotional events. We are only interested in hiring you for the opportunities that fit within your limitations, so you will never be expected to do anything more than you have previously asked for. These preferences can be set in your application, and can be discussed with us after the fact as well. Overall, there are opportunities for almost everyone interested in modeling for us!

Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for models with a little more than just good looks. This is a mutually beneficial agreement, we want you to have fun also, and that is maintaining an approachable and attractive personality! When it comes to physicality, we are looking for muscular men, jocks, college men, twinks, hipsters, tattoos or no tattoos, hairy or smooth, basically…YOU. We have so many different opportunities and so many different needs that a variety of men will be needed, so applying can only help. We will save your application for any and all future events where a man like yourself is desired!

What about travel and other expenses?

Modeling for us may require traveling around the country unless you are located in the area an event or shoot is being held. A successful booking will depend on your availability when the offer is made to you. In the case of traveling, we will cover your travel and food expenses during your stay. What better deal is there than that?!

What am I going to be expected to do?

You will only be expected to do what you want to do. Whether it be socialize at a party in a speedo, model for our next calendar, or star in your first adult video, there are so many different options and we will never push you to do something you are not comfortable with. Although, if you only want to pose for the next GQ magazine in today’s latest *fully-clothed* fashion, this may not be the gig for you.

How soon will you hear back from us?

We will contact you when an opportunity for you arises, typically at least a month in advance. The more you are willing to do the sooner you will hear from us. We have so many opportunities year round, so regardless of your preferences it should not be too long. Be warned: we will NOT be in contact with those who have submitted incomplete applications. Please take your time while applying. Our promise to you is to put time and energy into finding you work and helping you break into the industry. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability. You are also able to contact us with any questions or to change anything after the application has been submitted. We understand that this can be an exciting process and getting you work ASAP is both of our priorities.

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